Tree surgery

Tree surgery

Pollarding a sycamore in Exeter

I have completed the NCH Arboriculture . I have relevant NTPCs for aerial tree operations and public liability to carry out such work. I am happy to produce certification if required. This work might be:

  • Removing several branches
  • Carrying out a crown reduction
  • Thinning
  • Completely removing a tree to ground level -either in sections or felling

I am able to dispose of all waste

For tree work I will provide you with a full written quotation free of charge which will include the specification of the work involved.

Removing a tree in sections next to a house in Pennsylvania, Exeter

I will be able to find out if your tree is in a conservation area or has a Tree Preservation order. If this is the case I would include getting the correct permissions for the work involved.

Please get in touch for a free quote or advice on any tree works.

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